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3 cheap JQuery Bootstrap 4 Admin template

Today i will discuss you 3 cheap but very useful template for Jquery bootstrap 4 admin. Both templates looks great.Both are creating based on bootstrap 4 framework.They are also bestselling templates.All 3 are very responsive.Design quality is also beautiful.You can use these templates for any kind of web applications wheather for desktop or mobile devices.Lets check the list of these templates and their awesome features.

Features of 3 cheap Jquery bootstrap 4 admin template:

  • Remark:The template is built with latest bootstrap v4 but also supported to bootstrap v3.This template is mobile friendly.Let you more clear to show it’s precious features,let’s go-                                                                              
  • 5(five)dashboard.
  • Version of metrical design,
  • Includes psd files.
  • About 6(six) menu layouts.
  • About six layouts of content page.
  • Clean code.
  • 12+(twelve plus)sets of icons.
  • UI components about 1000+(one thousand plus).
  • About 25+(twenty five)plus pre-built pages.
  • Compatible with cross browsers.

The template Remark will bring a remarkable change in your projects surely.To know more please click:

  • Admin Press:It is another template for admin dashboard that is also built in bootstrap 4 framework,HTML5,CSS3 and media query.The template is intigrated with latest jQuery plugins.You can also use this template for any kind of web applications.Let’s check it’s important features below-
  • About 4(four) dashboard.
  • Option of megamenu and lightbox.
  • 5(five)various demos.
  • About pages 700+(seven hundred plus).
  • About UI components 500+(five hundred plus).
  • About font icons 3000+(three thousand plus).
  • Scssbase css that added to RTL version and more to know please click:


  • Amanda:The last template that also deals for admin template and also build with Bootstrap 4 framework.This template is also used for any kind of web application.Let’s check it’s awesome features below-
  • UI components about 500+(five hundred plus).
  • SASS,Bower and Grunt JS includes.
  • Form wizards and elements includes.
  • About 1000+ icons and more to know please click below


At last you will get warmly customer service.So,experience the magic..


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