About us

Who we are?

Hi, we are a modern digital marketer. we know how to advertise or promote someone’s or companies products or services to people through the internet and computer. We have so many experiences with it. So we decided to promote products as an affiliate partner of a company via our website called shophub.net.

What do we do?

We actually promote some special and very important pet supplies for your beloved pets from different well known  brands.

Typically we don’t have any products of our own. For the promotion of those following products, we use our website as an affiliate partner. So, typically we analyze and search products and select them for promotion. Then we made a review of it.

People visit our website and read products review and buy via our affiliate link then we get commissions for that from the company. Its totally legal and we don’t use any illegal activity on our system. We don’t copy someone’s content on our website. All content on our website is made by us. And it’s totally illegal to copy our content for use. So it’s our main policy.