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What is keyword density in SEO?

Keyword density in SEO is the proportion of the variety of instances a keyword seems on a web page divided by the whole variety of phrases in that web page.

So if in an article of 100 phrases you might be utilizing your keyword 10 instances, your density will probably be 10%. Many individuals use a completely different formulation to calculate keyword density (like this one).

However in essence:

  • (Variety of keywords/ Complete variety of phrases) * 100


The explanation why you should place keywords on a web page is to make search engine bots perceive your content material higher so you’ll be able to rank for these keywords.

However, in current days, the density of keywords issues a lot much less than website high quality and website authority.

However, this doesn’t mean keyword density doesn’t maintain any worth in seo. It does. In reality, it’s one of many components within the on-page SEO checklist.

Search engine optimization generally looks like rocket-science as a result of it encompasses so many issues.


Why can’t we simply weblog as an alternative to worrying about search engine visibility?

Sadly, search engines like google and yahoo are an ago and it’s a must to assist them to perceive your content material and your website. It’s essential to work on SEO for higher visibility as a way to get extra site visitors.

However, there’s some excellent news:

  • SEO just isn’t robust.

With only a few hours and a few goods examine materials, you’ll be able to simply perceive the fundamentals.

(I counsel you to browse our search engine optimization and WordPress search engine optimization archive the place you will get extra details about search engine optimization.)

At the moment, we will probably be wanting into one very essential issue of SEO:

What’s the best keyword density proportion (in accordance with Google)?

Right here’s a delusion:

  • If we use our keyword in many instances, we are going to rank greater in SERPs.

This could truly be unhealthy as Google could deal with your web page (and your website) as “keyword spamming” and can result in an over-optimization penalty.

Right here’s an instance of keyword stuffing:



There may be no ideal or actual proportion for better ranking.

Personally, 1-3% of density together with “semantic keywords” and LSI key phrases works finest for me.

Google suggests writing pure articles. Once more, there isn’t any very best proportion, however, putting your keyword in pure locations will work the most effective.

In brief, you have to preserve a good density proportion which seems pure and never stuffed.

This is among the commonest issues I’ve seen in freelance copywriters. One time I employed a creator to put in writing an article round a three-word keyword. He managed to add that three-word keyword 12 instances. That article seemed like a giant piece of spam.

There are lots of online keyword density calculators accessible which you should use to calculate the keyword density. Attempt to preserve your density around 1.5%.

So the place do you have to place your keyphrase?

  • Within the permalink
  • H1 tag
  • H2 tag
  • Meta title tag
  • Begin of the article
  • The finish of the article
  • Add related photographs and use your goal keyword as anchor text

Once more: Keep away from stuffing your article with keywords simply to extend keyword density.

As a substitute, attempt to make your content material extra helpful by including worth.

You need to use movies and slides and different media tools to make your content material extra informative and presentable.


  • Keyword density is helpful, however, stuffing needs to be prevented.
  • Articles ought to look pure.
  • Daring and italicize your keyword and different essential “semantic keywords”.
  • Use keyword variations (Ex: Search engine marketing, search engine optimization, search engine ranking).
  • Use LSI keywords.
  • Use a WordPress search engine optimization plugin to test keyword density (or internet software).

In the top, search engines like google and yahoo care most about these different components for ranking:

  • How helpful is your article?
  • How informative is it?
  • What number of social indicators are your articles getting?
  • What number of backlinks are you getting?

There are tons of indicators that Google considers when ranking a website. Keyword density is actually a kind of indicator. Doing it correctly will assist, however doing it unsuitable is not going to be good.

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