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Today You Will Learn About An Effective WordPress Outreach Plugin To Get High-Quality Backlink

As a WordPress user, you should know every kind of best WordPress plugin. If you are an advanced WordPress user then you have enough knowledge about WordPress plugin directory and plugins as well.

But who are new they might not have enough knowledge about some essential plugins which will be proved a miracle for them to collect high-quality backlinks.

Yes, backlinks, very important for every website to prove a website’s authority in the eye of Google. Now,   in the recent update of google algorithm says that backlinks are also marked as a ranking factor of a website. There are many ways to achieve high-quality backlinks.

Recently I have found a free way to achieve backlink which will also high in quality.

In this process, you need not go to another website to drop a link through a comment or guest blogging or put in the directory sites.

You can do this from your dashboard and this is an automated process.

Yes! This is true!

I will show you how I can do this easily and get a high-quality backlink.

Do you ever learn about Linkbuildr a WordPress outreach plugin?

Yes, it’s a magical plugin!


For the beginners-

What Is outreach

Outreach means the act of reaching out.

How to linkbuildr works as an outreach plugin and helps to create high-quality backlink

It’s so simple, as I said the definition of outreach means reaching out. Reaching out means Linkbuildr will reach you a destination that will give you a high-quality backlink. In this sense, it’s an outreach plugin.

Look, whenever you write a post sometimes you have to link some of your article’s phrases with some references. Those references might be a person or some site links.

It means that you give other sites a backlink without informing them.

In this time link builder will work automatically. This plugin will inform those sites, that, you have linked their sites in your article.

After that, the other websites will link back to your website that means they will link your site one of their post as a reference. Through this process, you will get a high-quality backlink.

Actually this plugin is a relationship plugin.

An Introduction Of Link builder outreach plugin

Linkbuildr is a free email outreach plugin. This plugin will help you to send a quick message to people you have linked from your article.

It’s a new plugin with 100+ downloads. Linkbuildr outreach plugin will help you to aware of your brands to other website owners.

This plugin will help you to send an outreach email just in 3-4 minutes.You will always get a notification in your new post area.

Let’s learn about how you will install Linkbuildr outreach plugin

First, go to Plugins>Add New

Type Linkbuildr 

Linkbuildr outreach plugin By


I have already installed this plugin. For this reason, it is showing active.

You will find there install instead of active. Then you have to click on the install button. After that, you have to activate the plugin. Now, all set.

You may also download this plugin from

Now learn about how you will configure this plugin

To get more out of this plugin you will also need

  1. WP Mail logging plugin by MailPoet  
  2. for finding the email address of a domain

To configure Linkbuildr you have to go it’s settings portion. You will find Linkbuildr in your dashboard side panel.Just like the image.

Click on that and go to Linkbuildr > Email templates. Here you will find some default email templates for quick thanks. You can write your own words also to be more creative.


Just like the below one You can write your own email . You can copy & paste this template and add something new of yours.

Hey [contactname],

How is it going?

This is Nigar from Shophub, and I just wanted to say quick thanks for the work you guys doing at [contactsitename]

Also, I gave you a shout out in my latest post: [posturl], and I thought you should know.

A warm thanks for making the web a better place.

Talk to you soon!


The next step is in which article you want to link to another website. There is a message will appear in the top of every post in the dashboard, just like the below

Look, how easy! This plugin will show you how many websites have linked in your article. Now, add details of every website where the thanks email will reach.

At this moment will work. Just look at this image. I am linking website in my post. I am going to website and put the website name to collect the email addresses of the domain just like this 

Now, I am picking the 1st email address and put it in the add details section.

This will be like the below image

I have forgotten to take my screenshot of putting my link. But no worries, the same process will continue here. When you will get an email address through just put it on the email area, The site name will fill up with the linked site in your article,  contact name will be filled up with the site’s owner name or site name. That’s it!

Now, this outreach plugin will do the rest for you finely…

One more thing you must have to know that in the edit section of your post you will find a new section just like the below image

 linkbuildr outreach plugin publish option

The same section will appear in your post-editing portion. Simply enable the option and hit publish for any new or old post.

There is another task you have to do!

You may have a question on your mind that you have sent an outreach email but how can you know that the email has really outreached!

Now learn how to verify all sending outreach email from WordPress

Well ,now WP Mail logging plugin by MailPoet  will do its task.

It’s a free plugin.You will access this plugin from its dashboard area .Then you have to go Tools>WP Mail Log

verify linkbuildr outreach plugin tasks from mail log

Click on the view button and this plugin will show you all.

Is int this cool?

So easy to set up and it all took only a few minutes.

If you don’t understand my words then please see this video tutorial by Harsh Agarwal.

Install this free outreach plugin to your workflow and make a strong relationship with other bloggers and influencers.

So, do try and let me know your experience. If you know a better plugin than Linkbuildr then please share it with me!


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