Keyword density—anybody who’s into SEO is aware of what these two phrases stand for and acknowledges the truth that this is among the most talked-about matters within the SEO world.

There’s a purpose for this: Keyword density is the premise for a profitable SEO marketing campaign.

For those of you who’re new to SEO, keyword density is the share of what number of instances a keyword or a key phrase seems on a web page compared to the full variety of phrases on the web page. Keywords are key concepts (without which, search engine optimization would by no means even exist) in SEO copywriting.

However, keyword density is the “rule”.

Significance of keywords

Most data on keyword density formula at all times sustaining a share of between Three and 5. Nonetheless, not everybody appears to have identical success with this neat little rule.

So, actually, does keyword density have an effect on your web page ranking? Does greater density additionally imply greater web page ranking? Or is that this method merely a fantasy?

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The Myth About The Keyword Density Formula

Keyword quantity will be computed by taking the variety of phrases within the article and dividing it by the density required.

So in a 500 phrase text with the aim of 5% keyword density, your method can be:

500 x .05 = 25

So that you would wish to make use of the key phrase 25 instances to get a few 5% densities.

You too can take the full variety of instances a keyword seems within the textual content, multiply it by the variety of phrases in your keyword phrase, divide this by the full variety of phrases on the web page, after which multiply by 100.

In case your keyword is “brochure printing”, and it seems 5 instances inside a textual content of 350 phrases, then your method can be:

(5 x 2 / 350) x 100 = 2.85

Your keyword density for this web page is about 3%.

Quite a lot of SEO professionals have been utilizing these keyword density formulations to optimize their net pages for content material, however only a few appear to truly make it on high of the listing.

Why is that?

Let’s do an experiment. Pull up your most well-liked search engine. Sort in your keyword or key phrase and hit “Search”. Try the primary 5 websites which can be listed. Do all of those sites contain the same keyword density?

The reply is an enormous “NO”. You may discover that every web site has a distinct keyword density, may be greater or decrease.

What does this say in regards to the magic method for keyword density?

If the keyword density method is certainly true, then the primary 5 websites that turned up in your search ought to have the identical keyword density. However, they didn’t.

All Males Are Created Equal, However, Keywords Are Not

When utilizing a keyword or key phrase, you need to first consider what number of different websites will probably be utilizing the identical keyword as yours (i.e. keyword competitiveness).

As an example, when you’re going to make use of “SEO articles” to your key phrase, then you’re really utilizing a really aggressive key phrase as a result of numerous websites that are additionally utilizing that very same phrase as their key phrase.

Nonetheless, if you happen to use an extra particular key phrase like “SEO articles written by Mark Zuckerberg”, then that’s not very aggressive, and the ONLY web site that makes use of that key phrase will seemingly end up on high of the listing.

One of many keys to getting probably the most out of keywords and key phrases is to decide on the much less aggressive ones, not less than at first. It’ll take a really aggressive marketing campaign to beat out the large canines who’ve practically limitless time and assets for his or her SEO campaigns.

However, you can simply get your web site on high of Google through the use of key phrases that can be related, however a lot much less competitive.

Location, Location, Location

The place you place your keywords is necessary for constructing a powerful, optimized web site.

There’s numerous discussion that keywords that have particular formatting (daring, bulleted, italicized, tagged, or in any other case) will attract more web spiders than these which don’t.

Once more, performing the identical experiment that we did on keyword density, if all of those particular formatting guidelines matter, then the primary 5 websites on the listing ought to have their key phrases specifically formatted.

Apparently sufficient, they don’t.

So Ought to You Take into account Keyword Density in SEO?

The reply to this query is:

Sure… with strings connected.

Any profitable SEO skilled will let you know to by no means depend on keyword density and particular formatting alone. Nonetheless, together with meta tags, deep linking, a number of domains, and extra, the keyword density method will support you in a profitable SEO marketing campaign.

So go forward. Observe the keyword density rule.

However, don’t let this single a part of search engine optimization be your sole effort. Take a category, learn loads of skilled articles, after which put keyword density in its rightful place- alongside quite a few methods to successfully optimize your web site.

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