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Today I’m talking about cheap managed dedicated server which can give us high performance, security, And Many more.So let’s Give you some information about this server.

We Usually use shared hosting for our Starting Business but when we build an SEO site and using another method to get visitors quickly, that time we need a dedicated server because shared is not enough for the big site. so that’s why we need a dedicated server for big sites. So we know that two kinds of a server we can buy for our big project.

one is the unmanaged dedicated server and another one is managed dedicate server. unmanaged main that you have to build your server in your own skill and managed service can help your hosting provider, they can help anything that you have to want? So I prefer you to get a cheap managed dedicated server for your business.

So Here are Cheap Managed Dedicated server Features:

  •  Processor Type: Intel Xeon E5-2620 v4,  Which one is the most powerful CPU
  •  Processors Cores and speed: 16 Cores @ 2.1 GHz
  •  Total RAM: 32 GB RAM
  •  Hard Drive Type and space: 2 x 480 GB Enterprise SSD Primary Drive, Which can give Better you Perform
  •  Your Backup Drive: 1 TB SATA Backup Drive
  •  Bandwidth: 100 TB Clean bandwidth with 1 GBPS pot Speed
  •  DDoS Protection Type: Standard DDOS Protection, Which can Help From the Distributed denial of service
  •  Cloudflare CDN Include in this plan
  •  Extra Backup Drive
  •  cPanel/WHM & Plesk Onyx Available, Which can make easy to manage any sites
  •  ServerSecure Advanced Security For your Business
  • 2 Dedicated IP Address Include
  •  100% Network and Power Uptime SLAs

If you buy this cheap managed dedicated server you have to no worry about 100k visitors, this server can easily handle that much of traffic .so what are you waiting for? go ahead and but this Cheap Managed Dedicated Server Plan for your own business.

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