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Elegant Elements v1.3.0- A Must Have Add-on for Fusion Builder And Avada

Elegant Elements for Fusion Builder module is an extra for Fusion Builder page manufacturer for Avada.

Our principle objective with Elegant Elements was to give you the new components that will enable you to help your web architecture process and will add magnificence to your website with Fusion Builder for WordPress. To accomplish this, we have created these components with the energy and love for our clients.Elegant Elements for Fusion Builder - 2

Accessible Elements –

Elegant Elements for Fusion Builder right now serves the accompanying components –


Demonstrate the typical bulleted records with an extraordinary plan with title and symbols in a boxed format.


Grandstand your group or customers with a pleasant extraordinary path with Profile Panel component.


The all-new growing segment component enables you to show your substance in a switch like the component with heading and sub-heading with inclination foundation hues, which adds the amazing look to your site.


Show you are when pictures over one another with pleasant drag impact and custom subtitles.


Presently, you’ll add slope shading to your heading content with Gradient Heading Element. Feature the heading with some magnificent slope shading to catch your guest’s consideration.


Show your display pictures, portfolio pictures, your item classifications, your customers for your administrations or anything that you need to appear with sortable channels. You can include a picture, its title, and custom hues to the title to demonstrate each picture title as interesting.

Exquisite CARDS

Make wonderful cards with picture, title, portrayal and a catch to interface any URL. Portray anything you need, exhibit your clients, feature your administrations and significantly more.


The ideal component to merry goes round any substance you need. Add just pictures to demonstrate a pleasant picture slider, enter your recordings and enable them to slide. Progressively content in a little space.


Add magnificence to your site by including double catches. Enable clients to pick their activity from either This or That. Show two catches one next to the other isolated with the content or a symbol.


Stayed with the dispersing in the middle of two components? Here’s the arrangement – Empty Space component to include vertical or flat space between them to make them look how you need.

Extravagant BANNER

Wanna show pleasant pennants on your site with foundation picture, title, depiction and a catch to interface? Utilize our Fancy Banner component and demonstrate you are fanciful in an excellent manner.

Extravagant BUTTON

Include catches with pleasant drift impacts on your site. You can open modular exchanges, custom connections, pictures and recordings in a lightbox on the catch click. Expands the ease of use of the catches.

Modular DIALOG

Show your data in modular exchanges in a superior manner. Include triggers from inside the modular component to open modular on a catch, custom content, picture or even on FontAwesome symbol.

Notice BOX

Need to show notice or tip or alarm on your site? Do it a better path with lovely styles. Browse predefined shading plans or utilize your very own custom hues.

Accomplice LOGO

Feature your accomplices or customers or even your work by showing their logos in a lattice. You can interface every logo to the separate URL or even presentation their data inside the modular popup.

Promotion BOX

Advance anything on your site with delightful promotion boxes. Include pictures, title, portrayal and a catch with a connection. Make it considerably progressively delightful with foundation picture and shading.

Turning TEXT

Show your featured words in a passage or a line and let them turn in a steady progression with a pleasant pivoting impact. Decorate them with pleasant Google Fonts and hues.

Extraordinary HEADING

Give your ordinary segment heading or the titles a stunning look and feel they merit and cause the words to express when you take a gander at them with a Special Heading component.


Got a few tributes for your item or administrations? Show them in the most one of a kind path around. Include any number of tributes with their title, caption, picture, and declaration.


Show your featured words in a section or a line with a decent typewriting impact. Make it look increasingly delightful with decent Google Fonts and hues and furthermore the text dimension and so forth.


Contact Form 7 component gives alternatives to broaden the look and feel of the contact structure 7 structure on your site. Include structure heading and inscription with a decent foundation and fringes.

Extra Features —


The new slope foundations for holders highlight will cut your time making angle hued pictures to set as compartment foundations. Set them to vertical/flat or from corners and be finished!


The Gradient Backgrounds highlight is currently added to the sections also. Presently set the excellent angle shaded foundations to your Fusion Builder Columns too 🙂


The default Fusion Builder Button component accompanies some amazing pre-assembled shading styles, yet you need more structures? We have added the material shading styles to catch component to assist you with adding the lovely catches to your site.


We have included Google Fonts in typography settings for the majority of our components. Presently appreciate heaps of advantages for utilizing Google text styles with no issue. Simply select the text style you need, see the review, spare the component and distribute the page. That is it!

Wanna try out for free? Grab it on Envato Elements as a part of your Elements Subscription.

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