GDPR PRO For Prestashop

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) comes to understand the issue of information security for clients. GDPR PROis the finished EU agreeable incorporation module for Prestashop. You will operate your online business and sell your products without any EU issue. Go beyond your circle with this GDPR pro. I have found some key features below, let’s discuss-

Key Features-

  • An alternative to effectively empower/incapacitate GPDR PRO on the shop.
  • An alternative to including HTML data square best of the principle GPDR page.
  • A choice to include HTML data hinder the base of the primary GPDR page.
  • An alternative to including a GDPR Badge.
  • An alternative to set the area of the GDPR Badge.
  • An alternative to set custom HTML for the GDPR identification information.
  • An alternative to tweaking the Right to information compactness page.
  • An alternative to approving/dismiss the client requests(export information, erase account, and so forth) before going live.
  • A choice to set the pieces of information that are being sent out for the clients.
  • Age approval on the Registration page.
  • Client email warnings on different solicitations.
  • Administrator email notices.
  • GDPR Terms assent on the Registration page.
  • Responsive plan.
  • Pieces of information included.
  • Documentation included.
  • Free help.
  • Symbols included.

Advantages for clients:

  • Directly to information movability – capacity to download individual information from the shop.
  • Directly to be overlooked – the client can erase his record and information.
  • Directly to be unknown – the client can anonymize his pieces of information.
  • Directly to be educated – the client is educated when his information is assembled.
  • Directly to have pieces of information adjusted – the client can ask for/apply and refresh for his information.
  • Directly to limit preparing – the client can confine his information on the shop.
  • Directly to question – the client can quit preparing of their datasets for direct promoting.
  • Directly to be advised – clients have the directly to be educated if there is any security blemish on the shop.

Don’t you want to gain a worldwide recognition through your PrestaShop site? Then this excellent GDPR PRO will help you broadly. Try it in your site and go for the option, boundless!

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