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Glossy Logo Revealed

Glossy Logo Revealed!!Logos are admired by all and an essential element in our modern life.Logos displays recognition.This recognition must be elegant and attractive.You will find here your desirable glossy logos.But you should have to know some of its key features also.Let’s introduce you some of its key features below in a moment.

Key features of Glossy Logo are given below-                                                                               

  • Adobe After Effects CS6 or above.
  • No modules required.
  • Video Tutorial Included.
  • Simple to alter.
  • Full HD 1920×1080.
  • Term : 9 and 7 second.
  • 2 shading Presets (gold, platinum).
  • Custom Color.
  • Sound.
  • Sound is excluded.
  • “Metallic Reflection” 2 can be acquired .
  • “Twinkling Light Reflection Drone Ambience” can be acquired.
  • “Female Vocals” can be acquired .
  • “Metallic Shine” can be acquired.
  • “Whoosh” can be purchased.                                                                              That’s all i had to deliver you.But before take any decision please take a tour through the link below for further information-
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