How To Make A PHP Contact Form With ContactMe (Easy steps)

Today, we’re going to audit the ContactMe a contact form device, which enables you to make contact frames on your PHP site. It’s a simple to-utilize apparatus and enables you to set up various types of contact forms for any necessities.

As a site proprietor, you may get a kick out of the chance to have criticism from your clients and clients about your administrations—that causes you to serve them better. In this manner, a contact form on your site is an absolute necessity has highlighted to gather criticism from your clients.

There are a lot of augmentations and contents accessible for making contact forms on your PHP site. What’s more, obviously, you’ll likewise discover business alternatives that give prepared to-utilize highlights and broadened support. On account of business choices, you can likewise anticipate quality code, bug fixes, and new upgrades.

In this post, we will examine the ContactMe device, accessible at CodeCanyon for buy at an entirely sensible cost. It gives an assortment of contact form and subjects out of the case, and as the content backings customization, you could make your own mix of structures also.

How about we rapidly experience the significant highlights it gives:

  • prepared to-utilize shapes in 28 blends.
  • worked in models.
  • support for topics.
  • responsive and versatile well disposed of.
  • no database required.
  • SMTP backing to send messages.
  • spam security.
  • adaptability.

also, considerably more

The ContactMe apparatus gives a lot of helpful highlights which enable you to set up contact forms rapidly. Over the span of this instructional exercise, we’ll investigate the various highlights given by this content.

To begin with, we’ll perceive how to download and introduce the ContactMe content from the CodeCanyon commercial center.

Establishment and Configuration

In this segment, we’ll perceive how to introduce and arrange the ContactMe device once you’ve obtained and downloaded it from CodeCanyon.

When you buy it, you’ll have the option to download the compress record. Concentrate it, and you will discover the catalog with the principle content code: contactme. Duplicate this registry to your PHP application. For instance, if your undertaking is designed at/web/demo-application/public_html, you should duplicate the contactme index to/web/demo-application/public_html/contactme.

The contactme index contains the PHP code which handles the structure approval and accommodation. Obviously, it additionally sends an email containing the provided data to the email address which is designed with the application.

On the PHP side, you have to design a couple of settings. Feel free to open the contactme/configs.php record. There are three settings that you have to design in that document, as appeared in the accompanying scrap.

$configs['from_name'] = 'My Demo Site';
$configs['from_address']  = '';
$configs['to_addresses'] = array('');

The from_name and from_address configuration values indicate the source of the email. The to_addressesconfiguration value is used to specify the email address which receives all the form submissions.

In the following segment, we’ll talk about how to set up the fundamental HTML code with the assistance of the ContactMe content to show a contact structure on your site.

The most effective method to Set Up the Contact Us Form

When you extricate the ContactMe compress document, you’ll discover an index.html record that contains all that you have to begin setting up your contact form. Truth be told, it contains the HTML code for all the various kinds of contact structures bolstered by the content, alongside all the various topics. So you could handpick the code of the structure which you might want to use in your application.

In the accompanying model, we’ll set up the General structure with the advanced subject. In the event that you need to show a structure other than the General structure, you simply need to duplicate the HTML code of that particular structure.

From the contactme/index.html file, copy the code between the <!-- START copy section: General Contact Form --> and <!-- END copy section: General Contact Form --> comments and paste it in your HTML page in the <body> section.

In our case, we want to use the modern theme instead of the default theme, so we just need to change the <form> tag class from contactMe small to contactMe small theme-modern.

Next, copy the CSS code between the <!-- START css copy section --> and <!-- END css copy section -->comments and put it in the <head> section. Similarly, copy the JavaScript code between the <!-- START js copy section --> and <!-- END js copy section --> comments and put it just before the </body> the section in your HTML page.

And with that, we’re almost done! Let’s see how it looks:ContactMe - Responsive AJAX Contact Form - HTML5 PHP

As should be obvious, it shows a pleasant, complete contact structure that is prepared to utilize! With structure approval backing out of the crate, you don’t have to stress over spam entries. Feel free to fill in the structure and submit it. On the off chance that everything is designed appropriately, you’ll get an email containing all the data.

In the following area, we’ll investigate the distinctive customization alternatives bolstered by the ContactMe instrument.

Customization Options

In the past segment, we talked about how to set up an essential contact structure with the assistance of the ContactMe content. In this area, we’ll examine two or three significant customization alternatives upheld by this content.

reCAPTCHA Support

The ContactMe instrument underpins the Google reCAPTCHA arrangement out of the case to counteract spam entries. You can browse two distinct forms: reCAPTCHA V2 or Invisible reCAPTCHA.

Multilingual Support

There are five distinct dialects you could browse for your contact structure. Right now, it underpins English, Spanish, German, Italian, and Russian.

Subject Support

As we talked about before, the ContactMe Script gives various topics you can browse to change the look and feel of your contact structure. Right now, it bolsters four unique subjects: Default, Modern, London, and Minimal.

Email Customization

At the point when a client rounds out and presents the contact structure, the content sends two messages: the first goes to the site proprietor, and the difference goes to the client for affirmation. You can modify the email formats that are utilized to send messages to the site proprietor and client.

Custom Contact Forms

In spite of the fact that the ContactMe content gives a few get in touch with us structure layouts for you to look over, some of the time you should add additional fields to the reach our structure. Furthermore, this is effectively accomplished by altering the structure explicit PHP record.

So as should be obvious, the ContactMe apparatus offers significantly something other than a basic contact structure. With the implicit structures and subject help, you could make a contact type of your decision for your site.

Furthermore, with that, we’ve achieved the finish of this article!



Today, we audited the ContactMe device accessible at CodeCanyon. The sole reason for this content is to enable you to make various kinds of getting in touch with us shapes on your PHP site.

I trust that you’re persuaded that the ContactMe device is valuable enough to satisfy your necessities. Despite the fact that it’s a business module, I trust it’s sensibly valued considering the plenty of highlights it gives.


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