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Linkity – Business URL Shortener

Your Best Business URL Shortener Script Is Here!

URL is the identity of a site. This URL we may use in different ways in different niches. One of them is the business website.

Actually, we create a website for business purpose. Through a website, we may connect our visitors or customers directly.

Through a website, we deliver our products or services. For this reason, we have to put our URL in different places on the web. But sometimes, many websites require a short URL. Then, we became tensed. How will I shorten my URL! Seems that my business goes down!

Have you found any similarity? Actually, This situation occurs to any beginners. Am I right? Because this also has occurred with me, seriously.

One more important thing is to make your URL, more viewable to your visitors then you should have also shortened your URL. Because Google, Our Boss will find fault with your URL…So, imagine how important is this!

Look Demo Here

Linkity is a business URL shortener from DevUncoded.

Features Of Linkity – Business URL Shortener

  • Wonderful plan.
  • Propelled AJAX material dashboard.
  • Investigation on watcher nations, gadget types, programs, and working frameworks, referring destinations.
  • Landing page for unknown connection shortening.
  • Programmed setup.
  • Various sorts of databases upheld, including an inbuilt SQLite database. You can alternatively utilize a MySQL, PostgreSQL, MariaDB or MS SQL database.
  • Quality, fast help from DevUncoded.

So,now you may use this URL shortener PHP Script without any confusion and make your business site more viewable.

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