Pinterest Automatic Pin WordPress Plugin

Pinterest is a popular traffic-driving site. Today I will show you a WordPress plugin that is automatically connected to Pinterest. This plugin will deliver your pin into Pinterest automatically which is easier than before.

This social media -Pinterest drives more traffic than Google+, YouTube and LinkedIn consolidated. This is the reason this module is coded that will stick pictures from your presents naturally on

Simply introduce and overlook your Pinterest account as Pinterest Automatic pin plugin will do all the sticking work for you. Just click below down the image that how will the plugin work amazingly-

pinterest pin wordpress plugin gif

You will insert more and more pin into Pinterest pinboard automatically by using this superb plugin. Just take a look again below and click on this image, please-pinterest pin wordpress plugin gif

Now I will show you its some key features below, let’s see them:

Key features of Pinterest Automatic Pin WordPress Plugin are given below:

  • Stick a boundless number of pictures: Pinterest Automatic can stick from one picture to all pictures from the presents straightforwardly on your Pinterest account.
  • Mass Pin: Posts can be lined for sticking in mass. Select the ideal posts, and the module will stick them one by one as indicated by the set calendar. A number of pictures to stick per post can be set from one to all.
  • Programmed Images location: Pinterest Automatic auto-recognizes pictures from your post at that point show them, where you can choose which pictures ought to be stuck.
  • Programmed sheets location: Pinterest Automatic will auto-recognize sheets in your Pinterest account so you can pick which board you need to stick pictures too.
  • Lining System: The Plugin lines pictures that are qualified for sticking in the line and stick them isolated by an irregular interim. That permits the sticking of a boundless number of pictures with no issue.
  • Auto-connect pins to your post: All pins are specifically hyperlinked to your posts, so once any Pinterest client taps on the stick, it diverts him to your post on your site.
  • Default stick content and stick load up: You can set a default stick content or a default pinboard where all pins will be stuck, so you don’t have to enter message each time.
  • Custom post types bolster: in the event that you have a portfolio or exhibition or any post type, Pinterest programmed bolster them.
  • WooCommerce bolsters: on the off chance that you have a WordPress eCommerce or WooCommerce based site, Pinterest Automatic can stick their items to Pinterest.
  • Custom field picture bolsters: on the off chance that you have a picture URL put away in a custom field, you can advise the module to stick the picture from that custom field.
  • Recognize pictures to stick from the front-end: If your pictures don’t show up in the backend, Pinterest Automatic can at present distinguish them from the front end. for instance, a few exhibitions are shown utilizing a shortcode in the backend.
  • Stick full estimated WordPress pictures from thumbnails: Pinterest programmed checks if a full measured picture is accessible to stick rather than a thumbnail.
  • Explicit WordPress class to Pinterest board bolster: You can set which board, the picture will be stuck to as per its classification. Set a boundless number of classification to board decides *Note that, the picture will go to one board as it were.
  • Explicit WordPress tag to Pinterest board bolsters: You can set which board the picture will be stuck to as indicated by its labels.
  • Custom jQuery selector: If the pictures are not situated in the manager and are unmistakable somewhere else on the altering page, a custom jQuery selector can be set which can be utilized by the module to get the pictures.
  • Custom Taxonomies: In the classification to board area, The module can list classes from custom scientific categorizations.
  • Spintax empowered: Spintax Form can be utilized for stick content like {awesome|cool|nice}, only single word will be picked haphazardly for every single stick.

You will find more and more features here…

The plugin is also customizable and you will find responsive customer support when you will take this.So, keep connected yourself and your website always to Pinterest with this Pinterest Automatic Pin WordPress Plugin and increase your visibility automatically.

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