Plugins For Woocommerce And WordPress Affiliates

Affiliate plugins will  very essential element when you will launch your website for an affiliate programme.These plugins will decrease your work mostly and manage your site perfectly.In both wordpress and woocommerce sites you can launch your affiliate programme with the help of some essential plugins.There are many plugins you will find in the marketplace,among those i have found 3 affiliate plugins for your woocommerce and wordpress  site.Hope that will help you.Let’s check them without wasting time-

SUMO Affiliates – WooCommerce Affiliate System:It is basically a plugin for woocommerce site.FantasticPlugins team has brought for you.The developer has created the plugin perfectly for woocommerce site affiliate programme.By using this plugin you will get a complete affiliate system.This plugin will suit in any woocommerce theme.

This plugin is knitted with all the features of a successful affiliate programme.When you will install it in your woocommerce site You will find affiliate referral link with referral code.Then automatically an affiliate application form will appear in your front page.By filling this form your member will become an affiliate.When your member become an affiliate under your affiliate programme they  will get separate dashboard for their activities.But,most importantly,site admin ,means you can manage affiliate application.After all these,you will get more advantages and they are-

  • This plugin will generate affiliate link for your affiliates.
  • This affiliate link will generate based on your affiliates username or user ID.
  • Woocommerce coupons will help to promote affiliate programme.
  • You will set the validation of affiliate cookie or can be restricted based on purchase history.
  • You will also find manual linking option and lifetime affiliate linking.
  • Approval of affiliate commission you can do in manually or automatically.
  • Multi level affiliate marketing.
  • You can delete any of your affiliate member.
  • You will get separate table to list affiliate visits.
  • Master log option will allow to observe all the affiliate related transaction in your site.
  • It is ready for WPML and translation.
  • It is also highly customizable and more you will find once you will take it.

The plugin is compatible with-

SUMO WooCommerce Payment Plans where you will find different payment plans such as Deposits with Balance Payment, Fixed Amount Installments, Variable Amount Installments, Down Payments with Installments etc in your WooCommerce Shop.

and SUMO Woocommerce Bookings which you will use for   Booking Appointments, Reservations, Events etc in your WooCommerce site.Amazing!by using this plugin you will get advantage of two more plugins.

Now i will tell you how you install the plugin in your site.Firstly,you have to download the latest version of this plugin from codecanyon and then unzip the plugin and zip inside which you will find the Plugins files((, install the latest version using wordpress dashboard.Now your plugin will activate.

There are some upgrading steps that you have to follow when you will upgrade to a newer version of the plugin.Firstly,you have to deactivate or delete  your old version and then you will follow the upper rules.Thats all,install the plugin and make your woocommerce site profitable.Please check here for more information-

SUMO Affiliates Pro – WordPress Affiliate Plugin:It is a Comprehensive WordPress Affiliates Plugin.By using this plugin you will run an affiliate system on your existing WordPress Site.After installing this plugin you will get advanced account management option.Notifications option will allow you to get notified about all affiliate activities in your site by email notification.This plugin will also force your affiliates for email verification to start their affiliate promotion.After verification your affiliates will generate affiliate links.

Referral invitation will allow your affiliates to invite their friend without leaving site.Affiliate banners option will help to promote your site.Contact form 7 and woocommerce integration are available in this plugin.This plugin will help you to run an MLM affiliate system in your site.You will track your visitors when they are visiting in your site by using affiliate links.

This plugin is integrated with sumo payments plans and sumo pre-orders.You can also use paypal payouts,bank transfer and more option.Multiple registration and login form designs available in this plugin.Moreever,the plugin is WPML and translation ready and also highly customizable.Actually,the plugin has lots of features.If you want to know more then check here-

WordPress Affiliate & Referral Plugin:This plugin will extend your  Wordpress website with a very effective affiliate / referral system.In version 3.0.0 this plugin will allow you to pay your affiliates via PayPal Pass payment system.In this plugin you will get email notification on each affiliate registration,real-time reporting and notifications for affiliates,unlimited referrals and affiliates,statistics,custom registration URL option,in every social sharing there you will find shortcode button for referral  including Facebook,Twitter,LinkedIn and Google+,you will also able to see  all users, their User ID their Referral ID in WordPress admin,here who logged in your site as an affiliate they will get access  to referral links and referral banners via shortcodes,on the other hand default users profile will   extend with referral information.All you will find in this plugin.

This plugin will fulfill all criteria of an effective affiliate/referral system needs.So,boost your website with this plugin.Want to know more click here_

To extend  your woocommerce or wordpress site a friendly and dedicated for your affiliates and referrals put these  plugins in your site and start shinning.

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