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Midrub Facebook Ads Manager is an application for Midrub. It is anything but an independent content.

Midrub Facebook Ads Manager permits you to oversee in the most ideal manner the promotions on Facebook, Facebook Marketplace, Facebook Messenger, Instagram, and Whatsapp.

Demo connect: on Advertising)

With Midrub Facebook Ads Manager you can make boundless advertisement battles, promotion sets, and promotions in a simple way.

Midrub Facebook Ads Manager has a simple to utilize interface and anybody can make promotion crusades, advertisement sets and advertisements in a few ticks. You can utilize this application for SAAS administrations, by making unique aides and help individuals to deal with their promotions like experts.

Like on Facebook, Midrub Facebook Ads Manager produces a review for every single bolstered stage and clients can perceive how their advertisements will be shown on informal communities.

Midrub Facebook Ads Manager permits to distribute promotions with recordings, pictures, connections and content on Facebook, Facebook Marketplace, Facebook Messenger, Instagram and Whatsapp(this isn’t accessible for all clients, for more subtleties contact in a private message).

Midrub Facebook Ads Manager is superior to some other comparative item because of a unique thought, called Ad Labels.


  • First, you need to make an Ad Campaign
  • Next, you need to make an Ad Set with a needed audience(country, city, age, cash to spend day by day, and so on). For every Ad Set, you can choose stages where will be shown the made Ads.
  • Next from Automatizations – > Ad Labels you need to make another name by choosing Ad Campaign and Ad Sets.
  • At that point select the ideal opportunity for to what extent will be shown the made Ads.
  • Every Ad Label has a classification, in light of Ad Campaign’s objective(it’s chosen naturally).
  • From the Midrub Posts application or Midrub Social Planner, you can associate the Ad Labels with the class Link Clicks and Video Views.
  • When associated with the Midrub Posts application or Midrub Social Planner, you can choose them and timetable/plan promotions creation. You need just to include URL/picture/video and content and the Ad will be made at the anticipated time in the most effortless manner conceivable.
  • With Ad Labels, you can let Midrub discover customers for you consistently by spending for instance 1 $ every day. For 1$ you will get up to 1000 perspectives and Midrub Social Planner enables you to choose the best time in the day when individuals are prepared to pay. You can choose the times of the week and the Planner will scan customers for you consistently.
  • Each time when an Ad is made, Midrub begins to check the time and when will achieve the time which you have got an arrangement in the Ad Label, Midrub will stop the Ad to be shown.
  • Advertisement Labels are the most ideal approach to discover customers by spending less cash.

To see how Ad Labels functions, it would be ideal if you watch the video


  • First, you need to make an Ad Campaign and Ad Set with your inclinations.
  • At that point make an Ad Boost with your Facebook Page, Instagram Account and time to support a post.
  • At that point, you will have the Ad Boost as the choice on the Posts page. You can choose the made Ad Boost for each post you need.
  • For instance, you can make Ad Boosts for each city you need and with a tick, you will choose where will be supported a post.
  • To see how Ad Boosts functions if you don’t mind watching the video
  • The fundamental objective for which this application was made is to assist you with becoming a Facebook Marketing Partner. This application requires the promoting consents which you can get with our assistance. Next, you have the likelihood to apply for Facebook Marketing Partner since individuals will deal with their advertisements from your business.

This application will be refreshed and will incorporate the most mainstream Facebook Ads automatizations. In the event that you have thoughts about how to make this application better, it would be ideal if you don’t hesitate to get in touch with me.

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