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Introduction Of This School Management Software

Ekattor School Management software is the most complete and adaptable school the executive’s framework on Envato advertises. Ekattor furnishes the most developed backend ERP with a frontend school site, a WordPress plugin, an android application, and an ios application. Whatever stage you need to utilize, Ekattor has your back.


Ekattor - Most Robust School Management Software

Full element list

  • Backend ERP.
  • Understudy affirmation framework.
  • Completely utilitarian and mechanized confirmation structure for understudy enrolment.
  • Select understudies to a particular class for a specific session.
  • Mass import of understudies.
  • Import the same number of understudies as you need utilizing the CSV document.
  • Class the executives with various segments.
  • Add areas to a class.
  • Capacity to allocate instructor for a segment.
  • Numerous areas under a specific class.
  • Class-wise subject administration.
  • Include subjects for each class independently.
  • Allot an educator for a subject.
  • Class routine or class plan.
  • Oversee class timetables segment savvy.
  • Change timetable when required.
  • Understudy advancement.
  • Advance an understudy starting with one class then onto the next.
  • Capacity to pick which understudies get advanced and who are definitely not.
  • Elevate understudies to another scholastic session.
  • Capacity to examine understudy’s outcomes while advancing.
  • Understudies’ everyday participation.
  • Gauge participation of understudies every day.
  • Follow along if understudies are missing.
  • Understudies’ participation report.
  • Get an all-around characterized participation report for all understudies of a specific class for a specific month.
  • Capacity to print the participation report.
  • Test the board.
  • Determine the test dates.
  • Include or expel any test whenever you need it.
  • Test assessments or imprints the executives.
  • Assessor put test marks for every understudy subject savvy.
  • Look at understudies’ imprints.
  • Print understudy mark sheet.
  • Understudies’ organization sheet.
  • Get a report of signs of all understudies for a specific class for a particular test.
  • Printing alternative of that classification sheet of understudies’ imprints.
  • Question papers for understudies.
  • Capacity to transfer question papers for understudies.
  • Study materials for the understudy.
  • Capacity to transfer think about materials.
  • Study materials can be class explicit.
  • Understudies can download the materials whenever they need them.
  • Library.
  • Sort out books class-wise.
  • Understudies can issue the books they need.
  • Custodians can monitor the books issued.
  • Transportation the board.
  • Include transport for your school.
  • Capacity to connect understudies to vehicle administration.
  • Quarters.
  • Capacity to oversee school quarters.
  • Dole out understudies to explicit quarters.
  • Understudies’ charges the board.
  • Make a single receipt for understudy charges.
  • Mass receipt age for accommodation.
  • Capacity to take numerous installments under a single receipt.
  • Installments can be taken both on the web or physically.
  • Online installments.
  • Take understudy charges by means of PayPal.
  • charges through Payumoney.
  • SMS portals.
  • MSG91, Twilio and Clickatell APIs are incorporated.
  • Pick any of them as per your needs.
  • Capacity to handicap SMS administrations.
  • Private informing.
  • Contact any client with private messages.
  • Collector gets informed with email notification.
  • Scholarly year or session taking care of.
  • Keep your school records year-wise.
  • Capacity to choose scholarly sessions.
  • Capacity to see past session information.
  • The executives of instructors.
  • Include/alter/erase educators whenever you need them.
  • Relegate instructor to explicit class or segment and to the explicit subject.
  • Bookkeeping.
  • Make installment solicitations.
  • Make mass solicitations for a specific class.
  • Understudies’ installment history.
  • Cost the executives.
  • Include school costs.
  • Monitor costs.
  • Set a separate classification for school costs.
  • Guardians.
  • Include/alter/erase guardians.
  • Relegate guardians to understudy.
  • A parent can be related to different kids.
  • Bookkeepers.
  • Separate client represents the library the executives.
  • In charge of issuing books.
  • Bookkeepers.
  • Separate client represents overseeing school expenses.
  • It can likewise oversee school costs.
  • Can monitor unpaid understudy expense solicitations.
  • General noticeboard.
  • Include declarations or significant notification for all clients.
  • A notification has appeared every client’s dashboard on schedule.
  • Multi-language and RTL support.
  • Supports more than 20 dialects.
  • Capacity to include language.
  • Capacity to change any expression as per your need.
  • Numerous shading plan choice for the backend.
  • Change the look and feel by changing shading plans from framework settings.
  • Customization of school data.
  • Change the school name and other data from framework settings.
  • Different installment portals.
  • Take online installment by means of PayPal.
  • Take online installment by means of Payumoney.
  • Different SMS portals.
  • Different SMS portals coordinated.
  • Pick among MSG91, Twilio or Clickatell.
  • A single tick updater.
  • Completely programmed updater for the content.
  • Update your application without losing any information.
  • Secret word reset alternative.
  • School Logo customization.
  • Frontend school site the board.
  • Landing page slider settings.
  • Capacity to include three slider pictures with title and portrayal for the school site’s fundamental slider.
  • Occasions the board.
  • Capacity to make occasions that will appear on site.
  • Capacity to shroud/appears on the school site.
  • Noticeboard.
  • The noticeboard of the school site is brought from the backend ERP noticeboard module.
  • School Gallery.
  • Capacity to make Gallery for the explicit occasion.
  • Capacity to include any number of pictures inside a display.
  • Capacity to pick if the display will have appeared on-site or not.
  • Educator profiles.
  • Educators are gotten from the instructor module.
  • Capacity to choose which educator will be appeared on site.
  • Frontend settings.
  • Adjust the contact data.
  • Adjust the header title.
  • Adjust footer components.
  • Transfer separate logo for header and footer.
  • Capacity to include informal community connections of your school.
  • Capacity to include geo-area for maps.
  • Frontend School site topic the executives.

Installer – For new setup of the application, a simpler technique is executed by means of an auto-installer

Well ordered direction about the establishment process.

Noticeboard – The notification from the back end report.

Occasion List – The occasions that are made by an administrator from fronted settings.

School Gallery – The exhibitions with pictures that are permitted by an administrator to appear on the site.

Affirmation structure – A basic confirmation structure for disconnected/manual confirmation.

Educator Profiles – Teacher profiles with their contact data.

Contact Page – Page for watchers from where they can contact the school organization.


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