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Scraper is a programmed content crawler plugin that duplicates substance and posts consequently from any site. With huge amounts of valuable and special highlights, Scraper WordPress content crawler plugin takes substance making procedure to another dimensionScraper - Content Crawler Plugin for WordPress

Plan your very own scratching strategy with the visual editorial manager, Scraper will naturally get and post 7/24 for you.


  • Scratch Any Website

With Xpath and regex strategies, it’s conceivable to scratch any site!

  • Get Attributes

The scraper can parse the component’s properties, which implies you could get joins, picture sources, video sources.

  • Set Feature Image

This content crawler plugin can extricate any picture to set as a highlighted picture.

  • Copy Title Skip

Scraper confirms that there is no past post with a similar title.

  • Fix Encoding

The plugin naturally fixes encoding blunders and post it subsequent to fixing it.

  • Language Translation

This Plugin consequently recognizes the content and make an interpretation of it to any language.

  • Content Spinner

Scraper backings A.I. Spinner module, along these lines you could make interesting substances.

  • Bolster Categories

You could present your new substance in any class that you’ve made.

  • Regex (JSON) Parser

You could parse data that contains JSON objects.

  • Display Images

Scraper can parse any picture grouping and make an exhibition with that.

  • Search and Replace

You could change your substance with the hunt and supplant highlight.

  • Content Template with Variables

You could produce your special substance format with change include.

  • WooCommerce Products

Making woocommerce items with Scraper is extremely simple. Scrubber backings all labels of woocommerce.

  • Math Functions

You could aggregate, subtract or isolate any number with math capacities. It very well may be valuable on value counts.

  • Implant Any Post

Concentrate Youtube, Instagram or Vimeo ID from the site and use it with implant change.

  • Timetable Tasks

With various interims, you could plan your errands.

  • Post Update

You could choose a post to refresh with scratching.

  • Connection Strip

You could strip joins from unique post content.

  • Intermediary Support

You could utilize intermediaries on scratching.

  • Treat Support

Scraper backings treat, you could characterize treat for any errand.

  • Post Status

You could set your post status to draft or distribute.

  • Network Templates

There are several formats on Scraper’s library. You could empower any of them effectively.


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