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SuperView – WebView App for iOS with Push Notification, AdMob, In-app Purchase

SuperView is an iOS venture that enables you to enclose your site by a too straightforward iOS application. It is perfect for a single page web application with on-screen/no route. For instance, a diversion, intuitive page, electronic slideshow, and so forth. There is only one config document to set up everything, essentially alter the included config record.

The item comprises of a few libraries that you can’t adjust yet are anything but difficult to utilize. On the off chance that you needn’t bother with one of them, like Facebook or OneSignal. You just erase it when you open the undertaking utilizing Xcode. You will find it on codecanyon on ThemeForest Marketplace.

If you tried to find the best match of ios webview app example, then here it is, the best example of ios webview app.


Most recent Xcode – Xcode incorporates all that you have to make stunning applications for iPhone, iPad, Mac, Apple Watch, and Apple TV. This fundamentally quicker form of the IDE includes new manager augmentations that you can use to totally modify your coding background.

Quick 5 – Swift is a broadly useful programming language fabricated utilizing an advanced way to deal with security, execution, and programming configuration designs. The objective of the Swift task is to make the best accessible language for utilizations going from frameworks programming, to versatile and work area applications, scaling up to cloud administrations.

Bolster most recent iOS – Everything you cherish is currently far and away superior with most recent iOS form, Apple’s greatest discharge yet.

Magnificent Code Quality – Code is perfect, predictable, effectively configurable and adaptable. We give incredible help.

In-application buys – In-application buys are additional substances or memberships that you can purchase in applications on your iOS gadget or PC.

AdMob – Monetize your App with AdMob interstitial and pennant advertisements. AdMob is utilized and trusted by more application engineers than some other promotion stage around the world. Use in-application publicizing to demonstrate promotions from a huge number of Google sponsors and access automatic interest, or use AdMob Mediation to gain from 40+ systems.

Interstitial advertisements appeared minute (configurable) – This application is configurable, there is only one config record in the application that you have to adjust. In the event that you need to indicate interstitial advertisements consistently, simply supplant the current time in the config document. In the event that you don’t need promotions to rehash, simply expel an incentive from the config document.

one signal – one signal is a high volume and dependable pop-up message framework for versatile and web applications. one signal gives a solitary UI and API to convey messages crosswise over iOS and Android.

Profound Linking – A profound connection is a URL that opens and guides a client to a particular area inside an application. This application has profound connecting coordinated in the task. Guides the client to any site you need.

Social Login – This webview application has the capacity to login and information exchange with interpersonal organizations like Facebook, Google, LinkedIn and comparable.

HTML5 recordings – SuperView ios application underpins HTML5 recordings. In current programs, adding a video to your page is as simple as including a picture. Never again do you have to manage extraordinary modules or require insane markup, you can do it with a solitary component. This webview application will perceive the video and play it in full screen

Stacking pointer when stacking the page – Good stacking markers dependably give some sort of prompt criticism. They inform clients that the application needs more opportunity to process client activity.

Advancement marker when stacking the page – Good advancement pointers dependably give some sort of prompt input. They inform clients that the application needs more opportunity to process the client activity, and tell (around) how much time it will take.

Sprinkle Screen unmistakable until the site is stacked – This webview application will hold up until your site is stacked and after that, it will demonstrate the site and evacuate the sprinkle screen. There is no slacking and flickering unmistakable.

Simple to utilize – This application is very basic and simple to tweak, you simply need to supplant the current URL with your claim and your webview app is prepared.

No coding aptitudes required – You don’t need to be an engineer to realize how to utilize our application, it is dinner straightforward. There is likewise a speedy guide video underneath that will tell you the best way to set up your amazing webview app.

Toolbar – This has made a pleasant toolbar with a few catches your clients can utilize. Try not to stress, if your application doesn’t have in-application buy, the catch isn’t unmistakable. Likewise on the off chance that you needn’t bother with the toolbar, simply set “Toolbar” to “NO” in the config record we made for the simple setup of the application.

Neighborhood Site Content – If you have a nearby site, include your website in www organizer situated in the application and ensure that you have an index.html record for the site to work. This is ideal for electronic portable applications like Ionic.

WKWebView – WKWebView is utilized in this Superview application. It is the focal point of the cutting edge WebKit API presented in iOS 8 and OS X Yosemite. It replaces UIWebView in UIKit and WebView in AppKit, offering a reliable API over the two stages.

Geolocation – Geolocation is the ID of this present reality geographic area of an item, for example, a radar source, cell phone or Internet-associated work station. To utilize geolocation in this application, ensure your site underpins https or this component won’t work. This application has allowed authorization for area administrations.

LTR – A short structure for ‘left-to-right’. Our application underpins LTR dialects.

RTL – A short structure for ‘appropriate to-left’. Our application bolsters RTL dialects like Arabic, Hebrew and other.

Introduction change – This SuperView ios application underpins introduction change taking care of.

Responsive Design – When a site is responsive, the format, as well as substance, reacts or adjusts depending on the measure of the screen they are displayed on. A responsive site naturally changes to fit the gadget you’re understanding it on.

JS Bridge – Make a nearby warning, rate your application, shroud local loader, show local loader, check if client acquired the thing and expelled the promotions, get one signal Player ID, make in-application buy to evacuate advertisements

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