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Do you want to help senior citizens to cope with this pandemic?

Let’s discuss How To Help Senior Citizens To Cope With This Pandemic

As we learn about that senior citizens are amongst the highest risk in coronavirus.

They are at the highest risk because of their age and some cases of chronic disease.

Recent research says that he who is 65 and older are at risk of coronavirus. For those who are over 80yrs are approximately 15% will die.

See the below graph of death rate according to ages

death rate by age group-Help Senior Citizens to cope with coronavirus

As I said, senior citizens are at high risk because of their history of chronic illness. You will more realize to see the below graph-death rate by disease-Help Senior Citizens

I hope you have understood the fact. See the Video know more-

Why senior citizens are at high risk

This is the most common question of why not young people? Why the elder?!

The most obvious reason is low immunity and a history of various kinds of illnesses. As we grow older our immunity decrease and we lose our inner power to fight any kind of virus.

For this reason, we should take care of our senior citizens with care and love.

How To Help Senior Citizens To Cope With This Pandemic

Taking good care of a senior citizen of your family is so delicate and sensitive,.At the stages of their oldness they are being isolated actually they want to separate themselves from the crowd or family life.

COVID-19 loves Isolation, low immunity, and chronic illness. Now, We have to protect our seniors by bypassing all these. Let’s discuss how to help senior citizens during the home quarantine.

Take Proper Precaution which is fundamental

  • To cancel all non-important doctor’s appointments
  • Get involved telehealth session for appointments for not missing
  • Make sure to wash hands frequently with soap and water just for 20 seconds
  • Use hand sanitizer properly

Stock up all necessities for the elder person

  • For a long time of locked down and stay at home, you have enough groceries and household products to maintain a senior member’s health.
  • You have to stock up essential medicines for your elder member

Precaution of traveling

  • Cancel all non-important travel & tours
  • Don’t let them go to the cruise because of gatherings

Help them to adopt a new isolated life

  • Give them proper time in home isolation to stay away from boredom
  • Get them some gadgets to connect with their loved ones
  • Busy them with some household activities such as knitting sweater, chat with their grandchildren, etc
  • Busy them in reading book
  • Busy them to chat through skype or messenger
  • Reminds them of their golden days
  • Involve them your family affairs

Be Aware of Visiting Nursing Homes and Assisted Care Amenities

Most nursing houses and assisted dwelling services have protocols in place for flu season, however, what makes coronavirus so distinctive and so harmful is that many carriers shouldn’t have any signs in any respect—however, it can nonetheless be contagious. Please be conscious and cautious, and in case you really feel in any respect unwell, don’t go to (and observe instructed pointers from the services on visitations). Send playing cards and letters, and embrace artwork out of your youngsters when you’ve got them!

If you think that your senior one is sick then  read the instruction of CDC 

These all are the coping tips that you can follow. Now I will discuss the immune system.

How you can boost the immune system of a senior citizen to prevent a pandemic

What to do

  • Give them healthy food like enriched with high protein to boost the immune system such as meats, beans, and other high-protein foods. Ginger, garlic, turmeric, and spinach are good sources of immunity booster.
  • Let them do exercise on a daily basis. Daily exercise will help them to boost the immune system.
  • According to experts, lacking sleep may weaken the immune system. So, let them sleep for a time being.
  • Give them ginger,garlic, and turmeric enriched food. You can give them ginger with tea because these natural ingredients will boost the immune system naturally.

You can read this-

How To Boost Immune System Naturally To Prevent Coronavirus(must-do)

What not To do

  • Smoking is a minor cause of a weak immune system in the elderly. Because of containing excessive amounts of tar cigarette harms a lot. So, try not to let them smoke.
  • like smoking alcohol nearly affects every organ and function of the body. This is another cause to lose the immune system.

But fortunately, you can help them to re-gain immunity by avoiding alcohol.

  • Make them always happy. Because of a stressful life, one may lose immunity. In this isolated situation, an elder person needs to be happy. Happiness decreases by 90% of humans illness. So make them happier and stress-free.
  • Don’t let them watch TV repeatedly about coronavirus pandemic because this may increase their stress
  • If your senior one is sick then call your doctor immediately

One most important thing is, just think, this virus is strongly spreading mostly in the cold weather, right?

Now, what can one do who resides in such weather? I have recently watched a video from a Wuhan citizen who is basically from India and residing in Wuhan for a long time.

He said that why the numbers of Coronavirus patient in Wuhan are decreasing. At the same time, he also shared the technique. He said that the residence of Wuhan has started to use warm water every day. They use warm water for drinking, bathing, and other daily necessities.

He who resides in the cold weather please follow these tips. This is for everyone and please don’t forget to give tea with ginger to your older adults. And please take tea at least 3-4 times a day and also drink warm water. One more thing that if you get some sunshine then, please keep your clothes in the sunshine for a long time. You don’t keep your body in the sun because of the UV rays can damage your skin. You may check about UV realities in this article.

Also check,COVID-19 Preparedness Checklist for Nursing Homes and other Long-Term Care Settings pdf 

You should have an emergency kit also. I hope this post will assist you to Help Senior Citizens to cope with this pandemic finely. So, take care of your older adults carefully and make sure to connect with CDC for the latest news.





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