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WooCommerce Customer Relationship Manager v3.5.22

Woocommerce Customer Relationship Manager

WooCommerce Customer Relationship Manager (woocommerce CRM) is a definitive instrument to oversee both your current and potential clients. Structured and created by Actuality Extensions, an advancement group which pays attention to utilization in fact. Every one of the highlights displayed beneath has been recommended and created by genuine store clients since this module discharged. Be a star and join our locale!


Deal with Your Customers

As your WooCommerce store develops, it is imperative to keep a track on who is spending the most and every now and again. While it might be basic to acquire new requests, it’s similarly as imperative to ensure you keep your current clients. With this module, you get all the fundamental apparatuses expected to keep up your unwavering ness with your clients – upgrading the vendor to client relationship.

Utilizing this woocommerce CRM plugin, you can give your shop supervisor and WooCommerce store numerous extraordinary focal points:

  • View vital client pointers on the requests page.
  • Send messages utilizing the stores default WooCommerce layout in a flash.
  • Incorporate powerful data in messages sent in mass or to a single beneficiary.
  • Spot telephone calls and relegate items to the call for subsequent meet-ups
  • Representative specialists to clients for individual administration.
  • Gathering clients progressively or a fixed arrangement of clients
  • Catch essential business data for better prospect examination.
  • Allocate records to clients to keep a track on business to business orders.
  • Compose the Lead to Customer work process utilizing client statuses.
  • Develop accessible fields utilizing the free Advanced Custom Fields.
  • Enable your clients to alter CRM subtleties from their My Account page.Customer Profile

Include New Customers

Looking after recognition, we’ve guaranteed utilizing our Customer Relationship Manager is simple for the new clients and existing clients. Should the fields accessible not be adequate for your store’s industry, don’t stress – we have you secured. We have incorporated with the free and famous Advanced Custom Fields.

Brisk Actions

Bringing a deal to a close can’t be faster with our snappy activities. From our examination and clients, we’ve understood that making orders, seeing requests, sending an email ought to be finished with a single tick (or tap).


Enable your clients to transfer significant records identified with your items and administrations. This should be possible straight from the My Accounts page. Each transfer has three statuses: anticipating affirmation, affirm and dropped. You can likewise characterize what record types are acknowledged just as give your clients brief directions in regards to the transferring of archives.

Client and Lead Statuses

The work process for some Customer Relationship Managers can be somewhat overwhelming. We’ve made it simpler and more straightforward utilizing statuses. Keeping up commonality with the WooCommerce biological system, we give our clients the choice to appoint statuses to their clients similarly you would for your requests.

Client StatusCustomer Status

Key Customer Indicators

Utilizing this module, another segment will be acquainted with the Orders page giving shop supervisors key client pointers. Instances of this are: regardless of whether the client is a recurrent client, hailed client, most loved client or a high spending client.

Default Statuses

At present, there are three different ways a client is added to your WooCommerce store: enlistment, physically and the checkout page. We enable you to control what status the client is relying upon how they enlisted.

Bringing in and Exporting

Giving you the opportunity to take your information anyplace you need, we’ve given you the way to send out your clients alongside their applicable fields. Should you have to import clients, our import wizard will acknowledge CSV documents where you can outline segments to the fitting field.

View Customers Profile

Developing the User Profile, we’ve made a client profile with shop related metadata, for example, obtained items, client notes, client orders, messages, assignments and telephone calls. You can see a client’s data from any of their request subtleties page.

View Customer ProfileView Customer Profile

Marked Emails

Utilizing your store’s email format, this module offers the usefulness to send marked messages (like the requested email they get) straight from the WordPress administrator. This is valuable for when you need to rapidly help them to remember significant data or on the off chance that you need to advertise another item. Shortcodes can likewise be utilized to incorporate client-related data.

Branded Emails

Telephone Calls

Make and spot phone calls with your clients straight from the WordPress administrator. Utilizing the default “tel” application on your PC, you can begin the telephone summon right utilizing Skype or FaceTime. While the call is occurring, you can likewise log significant subtleties, characterize its motivation, allocate a request or a record, demonstrate whether it is inbound or outbound.Phone Calls


Client Notes

Notes are valuable for clients to keep a track on what is new with their requests, accounts and different business-related action. With each note, you can characterize whether it is private, for the client or for the specialists dealing with their objective objectives.

Client Groups

Gathering your unique clients and oversee them all the more proficiently utilizing this module. You can assemble your clients progressively or have a fixed set rundown with your picked clients. Adding clients to this rundown should be possible right to structure the Bulk Actions menu on the clients’ page.


General Settings

We have made this module adaptable and the settings accessible are a demonstration of how configurable this can be for your store.


Pick what the username configuration is the point at which another client is made through the module. This could be their first and last name or their email address.

  • Channels

Empower a wide scope of channels to be shown on the clients’ page so you can limit a particular arrangement of clients.


Switch which parameters to scan for when looking into clients. You can enable the pursuit to incorporate all fields or simply the ones you need.

  • Cash SPENT

As the number of statuses in the request work process increment all through your store’s procedure, you can characterize at what stage is the request decided towards cash being sent. For instance, all requests with Completed status would be tallied towards this worth.

  • Client LINK

From the Orders, in the event that you click on the Customer name, it will take you to their WordPress client profile. This module enables you to change this connect to their Customers profile.

  • Programmed EMAILS

Send an email to the client with their username and secret key when making a record for them.


Characterize which address out of the charging or transporting ought to be shown in the Google Maps canvas.

  • Fast ACTIONS WINDOW Behavior

Have the activities open in another window (or tab) or in the current window. Valuable on the off chance that you need to perform various tasks between various tabs.


Choose to utilize User Roles what clients are introduced in the clients’ page.

  • Visitor CUSTOMERS

Incorporate or avoid visitor clients from the view.

  • Client NAME FORMAT

Show your clients names in various arrangements, for example, Jane Doe or Doe Jane.

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