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Markeet is an android Online Store. This thing is an answer to run your online store. Besides, you will get the advancement of selling an item through android application. Execute a straightforward menu and route give your clients an astounding shopping knowledge. You can deal with your item, class, news information, send notif and some more.

Because of creating with local language the application runs smooth and quick. Besides, it Pursues the most recent plan Google Material Design and delightful movements impact. On the other hand, the Great Design and Clean Code is our need and for this reason, this online store application provides all necessities which we need.

The administrator side is coordinated to oversee item information, for this, you can alter and refresh the information anyplace and whenever. FCM warning element permit administrator to send notices to numerous clients when there change with the information. Administrator side form with PHP, angularJs, HTML and MySQL database, likewise pursue the most recent plan Google Material Design pattern.



  • Execute Material Design for Android.
  • Cover up on the parchment action bar.
  • Material Drawer.
  • Wishlist Menu.
  • Shopping basket.
  • Request History Menu.
  • Vivified Floating activity catch.
  • Warning With Image.
  • Beautiful Home Screen.
  • Custom Dialog With Icon.
  • Vivified Toolbar.
  • Search All Product.
  • Search Product By Category.
  • Dynamic Category Color and icon.
  • Dynamic Currency and tax.
  • Slider For Featured News.
  • Slider For Image Details.
  • Review For Description.
  • Channel Search Product.
  • Sort By Product ( time, value, rebate ).
  • Excellence Splash Screen.
  • Across the board demand API.
  • Light Server Request.
  • Bolster Android ICS 4.0 and up.
  • Application Version Control.
  • Magnificence Card View.
  • Bolster various Images for one item.
  • Bolster numerous Categories for one item.
  • Android Parallax Scrollbar.
  • Warnings Sound Setting.
  • Warning Vibration Setting.
  • SQLite database for store disconnected information.
  • Progressively outstretching influence.
  • Coordinated with FCM message pop-up.
  • Promotions Banner and Interstitial Integrated.
  • Remote Config for promotion unit.
  • Utilizing the Android Studio and Build Gradle.
  • Clean and Neat Code (relative).Markeet - Android Online Store 2.3


  • Execute Material Design Web Admin.
  • Material Form with discourse see.
  • Backing Multi-User.
  • Responsive Web Admin and Drawer Menu
  • Classes Display Product.
  • Search Product.
  • Responsive Table Web Admin.
  • Utilizing Angular Material.
  • Simple Customize shading.
  • Across the board API URL.
  • Bolster various Image Upload on different Categories for one Product.
  • Coordinated with FCM pop-up message.
  • Warning With Image.
  • Direct Notification Single User.
  • Rich Text Editor.
  • Sort By Product ( time, value, rebate ).
  • Oversee News Info, App Version.
  • Progressively outstretching influence.
  • Material Drawer.
  • Excellence Card view.
  • Dashboard Report.
  • Light and Clean Code.

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4.79 stars

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My Review:

If you are looking for a store app with the speed of light, you come to the right position.

Also, the support team is very active, they even help with minor customization.

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