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Drifting React Next Landing Page Templates Collection

Welcome to React Next Landing Page Templates working with React, Next JS, Gatsby JS, and Styled Components. NO jQuery!

We made reusable respond parts, and current mono repo engineering, so you can manufacture various applications with basic segments. You can utilize this arrival for your respond application. It’s too simple to convey, we have furnished total firebase reconciliation with it. You can have your next application into firebase alongside different hosts like

Created with React, Next JS and Gatsby JS.

Boot your server-side rendering greeting page in minutes.

  • Make the Next App.
  • Firebase and organization well disposed.
  • Mono repo Supported with Lerna Configuration.
  • Reusable segments crosswise over the various landing.
  • Styled System and Style Components are utilized.code

Elegantly composed measured Components Ready with Modern Landing Pages

We have given a great deal of work in segments to make the designer’s life simpler. We will push updates consistently.ComponentImage3

Server Side Rendered Landing page with best practices and most recent technology

Programmed code part, filesystem-based directing, hot code reloading, and all-inclusive rendering. Optimized for a littler form measure, quicker dev aggregation, and many other improvements. Complete command over Babel and Webpack. Adjustable server, directing and next-modules.code

 Awesome Features

  • Make Next App

The most effortless and quickest approach to make a React application with server-side rendering.

  • Mono repo Support

We utilized Lerna for overseeing JavaScript ventures with numerous bundles.

  • Styled System

Responsive, subject-based style props for structure plan frameworks with React.

  • Quick Performance

Enhanced for a littler form estimate, quicker dev accumulation, and many different upgrades.

  • Respond Hooks

Snares are an up and coming element that gives you a chance to utilize state without composing a class.

  • Skim JS for slider

A lightweight, adaptable and quick reliance free JavaScript ES6 slider and merry go round.

  • First-class Author Support

We can guarantee you the best possible Elite Author support and quicker reaction for our items.

  • Worked in Components

We have given a lot of helpful forms in parts to make it simple for clients.

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This is a very awesome template for Gatsby and Next. Anyone who loves reactjs will love this. Also, the documentation quality and design quality is awesome.

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