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Vuesax – Vuejs + HTML Admin Dashboard Template


Vuesax Vuejs + HTML Admin Dashboard  Template – is the most engineer neighborly and very customizable VueJS Admin Dashboard Template dependent on Vue CLI, Vuex and Vuesax segment system.

Vuesax – Vuejs + HTML Admin Dashboard Template gives interesting highlights like a fluffy pursuit, bookmarks, drifting navbar, dull design, advance cards, and diagrams.

It accompanies 2 specialty dashboards, 4 serviceable applications like email, talk, todo, and schedule.

Vuesax– Vuejs + HTML Admin Dashboard Template administrator can be utilized for web applications: Project Management, eCommerce backends, CRM, Analytics, Banking, Education, Fitness or any custom vuejs administrator dashboard.

The developer has pursued best industry models to make this item simple, quick and exceedingly adaptable to work with.

Vuesax is the most advantageous vuejs administrator dashboard format for engineers which enables you to construct eye-getting, high caliber, and elite responsive single-page applications that looks incredible on Desktops, Tablets, and Mobile Devices.Vuesax - Vuejs + HTML Admin Dashboard Template

Interesting Features

  • Laravel Starter Kit.
  • Unadulterated Vue js, No Jquery Dependency.
  • Made with Vue CLI.
  • Uses Vuex, Vue Router, Webpack.
  • Code Splitting, Lazy stacking.
  • Auth 0 Integration.
  • Firebase confirmation + Social Logins.
  • Web-based business App with shop, list of things to get, checkout pages.
  • Algolia pursuit and channel demo incorporated with E-Commerce application.
  • Information List with firestorm joining utilizing Axios.
  • Rundown View.
  • Thumb ListView.
  • Application Tour.
  • Drag and Drop Bookmarks to re-mastermind.
  • Merry go round (Image Slider).
  • Clipboard (Copy to clipboard).
  • Setting Menu.
  • Look to top.
  • Not approved Page.
  • Access Control (ACL).
  • i18n Page.
  • Multi-lingual Support.
  • 3 diagram libraries.
  • 2 Dashboard.
  • Backtalk Powered.
  • Quill Icons.
  • 5 Workable Applications.
  • Email.
  • Visit.
  • Todo.
  • Date-book.
  • Internet business.
  • Boundless Color Options.
  • Google Map.
  • Video Player.
  • Drag and Drop.
  • Completely Responsive Layout.
  • Sorted out Folder Structure.
  • Clean and Commented Code.
  • Very much Documented.
  • FREE Lifetime Updates.
  • a half year of free help included.


Vuesax Admin gives four distinctive functional applications which empower you to

begin and construct your applications quicker.

Propelled Cards

Vuesax Admin gives 100+ fundamental and propelled cards for eCommerce, Analytics

Insights, Weather, Charts, Maps, and Interactive.


Vuesax Admin gives 100+ pages. It contains all the normally utilized pages to

build up any applications which will facilitate the engineer’s endeavors.


The developer has utilized the most prominent Vuesax segments and joined them with valuable parts.

Themed them with the same UI of vuesax standards and made an ideal structure congruity.







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